Information Station

 We utilize an electronic application called "Tadpoles."

As a parent, you are able to call your child off sick. You are able to add notes into your child's daily portfolio for the teachers to read.  Your child's teacher will update his/her Tadpoles throughout the day with photos, videos, and notes.  

The application auto-updates every 30 minutes, so you're able to keep tabs on your child throughout your work day, and stay connected!


Inside the Lobby of the center is the "Information Station."  Various forms, such as health assessment forms, are available to parents at all times.


We have a Facebook page we use to keep parents updated with our center's activities and general information. "Like" us today!


The most effective form of communication is through e-mail to reach our administrative team. Our team works around the clock to answer any questions about the classroom or scheduling.

At The Academy, we feel parent-to-teacher communication is essential as we work as a team in educating and caring for your child.